The Karn Group


Meeting Your Technology Needs

TKG is a FinTech firm delivering high performance software as a service (SaaS) to many of the leading US broker/dealers and banks. Our systems perform complex high volume analysis in real-time, on-demand and batch. Redundant and self-healing systems allow continuous and reliable processing of terabyte data sets. Our automated systems daily receive, integrate and process data from multiple exchanges, order management systems, customers and other vendors.

Superior UX/UI design with browser independent access

Low latency, high performance applications

Secured data transmission using VPN, SSH and SFTP

Public/private key encryption of data transmitted over TLS connections

Single-Sign-On with various authentication providers and authorization methods

FIX Connections to all primary vendors delivering real-time updates

Composable infrastructure allowing fast development time and safe deployments

Highly reliable and redundant infrastructure with multiple data centers across the US

Automatic system failover and data recovery

Intraday data backups with deep history and data retention

On-demand disaster recovery across multiple US regions

Continuous testing and risk assessment processes ensuring system integrity