The Karn Group

Trade Surveillance

A Visual Trade Surveilance System

The TKG surveillance system is a rules-based engine providing sophisticated visual display and workflow management. The system generates cases, alerts and exceptions using client configurable parameters. Cases are graphically displayed providing market context and facilitating exception analysis.

A scoring system highlights significant cases and limits unnecessary reviews. Quickly manage exceptions with a sophisticated case management tool.

Trade Surveillance Features:

Trade Surveillance Features:

  • Ahead of News - Monitors transactions for potential Insider Trading violations.
  • Wash Sales - Monitors transactions for potential Wash Sale violations by matching opposing orders and trades.
  • Marking the Close - Monitors transactions for potential price manipulation at the market close.
  • Spoofing and Layering - Monitors transactions for price manipulation that results in a trade at a favorable price.
  • Reg M-105 - Monitors for potential violations of Sell Short transactions that occur within the Regulation M 5-day restricted period of public offerings.
  • Custom Rules - Monitors custom rules specified by user.
  • Financial News Feed - Displayed for additional insight into exceptions.


How are customers supported?

A subject matter expert is assigned as your primary support. In addition, you will have access to alternative support staff to ensure you can always get immediate support when needed. You will be provided with the email addresses and telephone numbers of all support personnel.

How is implementation managed?

A subject matter expert will lead your implementation. Experts in business requirements, data analysis and security will be involved at the appropriate stage to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.

How does TKG maintain data security?

Your data is secured both at rest and in transit. Data at rest is encrypted using either PGP, GPG or PKA. Data is transmitted to TKG using SFTP, SSH Web Services, VPN and dedicated telecommunications connections. TKG accepts fixed and delimited files, XML messages and FIX messages.

Does TKG support Single Sign On (SSO)?

TKG supports SSO with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol. We can also implement custom SSO solutions to client specifications.

How is access managed and workflow documented?

TKG’s comprehensive entitlement system allows customers to control access to review and approve data and exceptions. In addition, all actions and entries are logged and automatically archived.

Can the system be customized?

Users can customize system parameters through the user interface. TKG can implement additional rules and features during system setup or later on an ad hoc basis.

What market data is collected by TKG?

TKG sources NBBOs, quotes, trades, and admin messages from NMS, Options, OTC and Canadian markets.

What customer data file formats does TKG accept?

TKG recommends customers format data according to our file specification. Alternatively, TKG accepts a broad range of file formats from third parties, order management systems, clearing firms and customer internal systems.