The Karn Group

The Karn Group is your Fixed Income Compliance and Market Intelligence Solution

The Karn Group Inc. (TKG) is the largest provider of Fixed Income Compliance solutions for Broker/Dealer and Clearing firms. TKG has been serving fixed income Broker/Dealer firms for over 15 years. We are a software as a service (SaaS) firm providing sophisticated compliance and pricing solutions. Our senior management team averages over 25 years of industry experience in compliance, trading systems, operational resilience, customer support and information technology.

Product offerings include Fair Value and Commissions analysis, MSRB Rule G-18 and G-14 Oversight, Real-time pricing services of Municipal and Corporate Bonds and Auto Bidding of Bids Wanted, and pricing of Offerings from Inventory for Municipal and Corporate Bonds.

In addition to Fixed Income, TKG offers Equity Compliance, Best Execution, Trade Surveillance and SEC 605/606 solutions for SEC and FINRA regulated Broker/Dealer firms, Exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems, Crossing Networks, and Market Centers.

The largest provider of Fixed Income Trade Compliance software processing 30% of US retail trades

Fixed Income Services annually price more than 350,000 unique securities and 4.1 million transactions

Real-time Municipal Bond pricing system based on MSRB trade reports and ATS quote feeds

Real-time Corporate and Agency bond pricing based on FINRA Trace trade reports

Fully automated Municipal Bond Bidding system responding to Bids Wanted from ATS or OMS systems.

Clients include many of the largest US Broker/Dealer firms, Banks and Correspondent Networks

Ted Karn

Ted is the President and Founder of The Karn Group (TKG). Ted is previously best known as the President and Founder of Market Systems Inc. (MSI) where for 12 years, he led MSI to become the market leader in providing SEC Best Execution reports. MSI customers included almost all major US Broker/Dealer firms and clearing firms. Ted sold MSI to Thomson Reuters in 2006.

Prior to launching MSI, Ted traded Fixed Income Bonds and Derivative Securities and Foreign Exchange

  • President and Founder of The Karn Group (TKG) from inception in 2008 to the present.

  • President and Founder of Market Systems Inc. (MSI) from inception in 1994 to sale to Thomson Reuters in 2006.

  • Portfolio Manager for Household International Bank and Colonial Mutual Funds.

  • Trading Manager for Merrill Lynch, First Boston and First Options.

Ted has a BS degree in engineering physics from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business.